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  • Fraser Adam

Doing something to help another always feels good....


Raising money for Cancer Research UK taking on the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro!

We have all had someone close who has suffered, suffering or lost their time with us due to cancer, none of us know what's ahead of us and right now I have time to put effort into supporting the charity which will help fight this illness now and in the future.

Support me in raising money for Cancer Research by donating money on my Just Giving Page, and if you have a message to send to others please leave a comment.

I also personally pledge to donate 20% of my target total over the weeks prior to the climb in June by paying one of my driving lesson fee's per week into the fund so that any expenses to do the climb is covered by me and all your donations will go straight to the Charity.

Lets fight Cancer and remember those who fought it with love and respect so that we can continue fighting for those suffering



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